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Wednesday, March 12, 2014, storage is increasing

Through this simple blog, I have been referring new users to Each time you refer a user, both the new user and the person who referred him gets 5GB extra (so the new user actually gets 20GB = 15GB + 5GB). So far, my storage capacity is now 60GB (I referred 9 users already, so my bonus space is 45GB).

Now, I'm not doing it for the extra space. I actually currently only use about 10GB, which is probably enough for most users. I blog about cloud storage because I find it interesting technology and because I want to share my personal experiences. So far I use 2 cloud sync services: and I have tried out and used others (Skydrive, Livedrive..) but so far copy and mega are for me the best 2.


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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Using day-to-day

So, I want to report back on my experience with so far. I've been using this cloud storage now for a couple of weeks and I'm storing most of my work documents on

The Sync App

The sync app is seemless, install, configure the path and let it sync. The interface of the app is straithforward and clear. It installs itself as a tray application and it the copy folder is shown as a link in the favorites list.

Only 1 folder that you can sync. (not really)

The sync app only allows for 1 folder that can set to be synced (with MEGA  you can set multiple folders). This is however not an big issue because the app has a clever mechanism to detect shortcut links and will sync also the content of the shortcut link. So what this basically means is that within your copy folder, you can put shortcuts to other folders and they will be synced also automatically.

Excluding files/folders to sync

You can select what files and folders you want to have synced within the copy folder. This is handy if you have some large or maybe "sensitive" files in the copy folder. These files/folders exclusion must be set on each computer so you can exclude the sensitive files on your laptop but include them on your desktop (for instance). To learn more about this see this blog post on

So far, I didn't find any way to exclude files based on filename (wildcards). This could be handy if you do not need files of a certain type to be synced.

How it works day-to-day.

If you have multiple computers thay you frequently use (like a home computers and a work cmoputer or laptop), then the sync app is a must have. It allows me to keep all my work documents in sync and I never need to bother with things like "do I have the latest version", "where did I store this file" etc ...

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Monday, February 17, 2014

How to get more storage on

Refer friends

If you don't already know, offers for each user you refer an extra 5GB of storage. Refering firends is easy, you can find the instructions on the bonunes & referrals page under your account settings. In order for you to get the 5GB extra space, the person you refer needs to apply for an account, confirm the registration email AND install the copy sync application. Once that is done you AND the person you referred get 5GB extra.
In the referrals page, you can see how much bonus storage you already have and who are the persons that gave you the storage. Don't worry, you do not see the full names and details of these persons, only the first name and the first letter of the last name.

Buy some storage
It may sound stupid, but if you need more storage it is maybe a good idea to buy it. It is actually not that expensive. offers 250GB for $99/ year or 500GB for $149/year.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014 released their sync app.


Good news! released their sync app. After a long beta period, the app is finally ready and can be downloaded from the Mega site. Currently it is only available for Windows, but the Linux and Mac version will follow soon.

Some of the big advantages of Mega and the sync client are:

  • Security: data is encrypted end to end

  • Flexible: you can sync any folder, even sync multiple folders

  • Fast: indeed the upload and downloads are fast

  • 50 GB of free storage (with paid plans ranging from 500GB to 4 TB)

If you want more information about Mega, please visit our Mega page where we have gathered all the details about this cloud storage provider.

Check out


Another file syncing cloud service is They offer a free plan of 15GB, but you can get 20GB from the start if you create an account through a referral link. I will be writing a full review of in the next couple of days with a full performance test. So far, I've been using for 2 weeks now, I'm very impressed.
Some of the key advantages of are:

  • Seems to be fast
  • Very good and stable sync client
  • You can sync network drives (with a little trick)
  • Supports MacOS, Windows and linux
  • Mobile: Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 (beta)
Stay tuned for the full review…